There is something about a wooden wagon that naturally attracts people.  They often look and feel authentic.  Kids go crazy over them because it makes them feel older.  We understand this strong natural attraction to them.  So, we wanted to provide you a short list of our favorite wooden wagons and why.

Radio Flyer 32S Wooden WagonRadio Flyer 32S All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

Here is the mac daddy wooden wagon.  It’s got the Radio Flyer red signature, the smooth wooden look, and a nice touch of steel to ensure durability.  What I really enjoy about this wagon is how sturdy it feels.  The inflatable rubber tires really make a difference when you’re taking your children for a walk or carrying some of your personal items around.  It’s a very effortless pull and it has an excellent turning radius.  If you want, you can even remove the side wooden panels.  This one is our favorite.

John Deere Wooden WagonJohn Deere – 36″ Steel Wagon With Wooden Stake Sides

Everything about John Deere screams high quality, heavy-duty, and tough.  This is certainly the case with this wooden wagon.  While it has many of the qualities of the Radio Flyer 32S, the John Deere models makes kids go absolutely crazy!  They are aware of the branding that John Deere has.  They understand that many grown-ups use heavy John Deere products.  So, this wagon makes them feel older, and kids love that.  It’s rust resistant, has inflatable wheels, and all corners are rounded for safety. This is popular buy among many parents.  It also comes in PINK!

Radio Flyer Wooden WagonRadio Flyer #29 All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

So, what if you don’t want any steel or metal at all with your wagon?  Rather, you just want it to be completely wood.  If that’s the case, then this is your wagon right here.  It’s exactly like 32 with no pinch points, easy rolling, removable wooden panels, and a heavy-duty build.  Some parents aren’t going to like that wagons with steel can potentially rust, we get that, so we recommend this full wooden wagon for those of you with those concerns.

Radio Flyer 12S Wooden WagonRadio Flyer 12S Classic Walker Wagon

To me, this is one of the smartest ways to help your child learn how to walk.  Kids are naturally attracted to these types of toys, why not take advantage of it?  As your child stands on their legs and grabs a hold of the bar to push it, the wagon is providing resistance so that the wagon won’t slip from under them.  As they push it, you’ll hear the clicks providing resistance.  There’s also a nice rubber bumper in the front to protect your furniture.  It’s made of a very sturdy natural wood with rubber wheels.  This is the most popular wagon being sold on, and I can understand why.

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