Step2 Wagon for Two Plus BlueThe Step2 Wagon for Two comes in two very nice colors and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from customer reviews on

What is the Step2 Wagon for Two all about? Here are specifications that you might find useful:

  • The product itself weighs 24 pounds. It could hold two kids from age one and a half to 5 years old. That means that it could hold more than 4 times its weight with no problem at all.
  • It has a door! For most wagons, your kids would either have to climb into the wagon or you’d have to pick them up and put them in there. The Step2 Wagon for Two comes with a door that makes it easier for children to step in and out of it.
  • It comes in two colors, willow green and blue. The willow green and the blue wagons are pretty much the same, their colors being the only difference.
  • The wagon looks sturdy. It is made of hollow hard plastic, making it look heavier than it actually is, but the plastic itself is not too thin.
  • Good deal at (check current discounted price with free shipping included).
Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Green

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User Reviews of the Step2 Wagon for Two

Sometimes, star ratings could say everything about how customers feel about a product. But for something with a star rating as good as this wagon, you might be curious why. Out of more than 70 reviews available, only one has  rated it as 1, and more than 60 actually rated it as 4-5. So, what do people say about the Step2 Wagon for Two?

The straps make the wagon safe for children. The concept is excellent and the finished product is nice to have. Children loved being inside it and the fact that they could step in and out easily teaches them to be independent. Parents don’t have to lift their children in and out of the wagon as long as the kids can do it themselves.  One mother even had a good time sitting inside it without much problem except for the funny looks that people gave her when she did.

The hollow material on the wheels makes maneuvering quite hard. They could also be very noisy and they don’t really make it easy to pull if you’re hauling a lot of weight.  Basically, the wheels and the handles are the only two things that most people notice and put on their “not good” lists about the wagon.  These aren’t a big nuisance at all though.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question.  The wagon is really sturdy, it proves to be pretty safe, and many people are happy with it.  It’ll definitely stick around a while and you can use it for different generations if you need to.  We think it’s definitely worth the money if you’re in the market for a durable hard plastic wagon.

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