The Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon is packed with convenient features for parents that need it.   The Ultimate Family Wagon is basically a large wagon that can protect your kids against the harmful rays of the sun or light rain showers.  Like some of the other popular Radio Flyer wagons, it’s made out of a hard durable plastic that has proven to last a lot longer than some of the traditional wooden and steel wagons that many have a reservation for.  The features that really stand out on this wagon are the canopy, extra storage space, optional stable, and the cup holders.


Where To Buy?

We highly recommend buying from (check current discounted price) because they usually have it for about $10-$20 cheaper than other sites.  Plus, you can get it shipped for free.

Seats Flip Up And Can Be Turned Into A Table

Other Radio Flyer wagons have become popular because of their seats that fold up and fold down.  When they are up, it provides a good seating area with more leg room for your kegs.  When they are down, you can store your personal items underneath the seats.  The Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon has now included in an option where these seats can be turned into a table in the middle of the wagon.  This is a really cool feature and we give it a huge thumbs up.

UV Canopy And Cup Holders Are Great

The UV canopy is a really nice addition for keeping the sun out of your infants or toddlers eyes.  It’s also just nice to have if your children want to get out of the sun when you bring this wagon to your local park or local sporting event.  The cup holders were an issue with previous wagons.  They were positioned in spots that can easily be knocked over by their kids feet.  While this was difficult to change, they did add two additional cup holders for adults on the outside of the wagon.

Features of The Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon

  • Made of a hard durable red plastic
  • Includes safety belts
  • Seat belts can be configured in five different positions
  • Can create a table out of the seats in the middle of the wagon
  • 2 children and 2 adult cup holders
  • Lots of room
  • UV canopy included for protection from sun and rain
  • Extra storage space
  • Perfect for hauling around items that can’t be held
  • Only downside seems to be that it could be too large to fit in smaller cars

Read more user reviews and check current low price at

Users Reviews of The Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon

Currently, The Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon has 90 customer reviews on with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars, which is the highest rating I’ve seen for a wagon of this type.

Many parents are commenting about how their children instantly fall in love with this wagon.  They really like that the seats have many different combinations that you can use.  A lot of people didn’t think they would get much use out of the canopy until the realized how much of an impact it had, now they love it.

Some parents didn’t realize how big this wagon was actually going to be.  So although they do love how big and useful it is, it is sometimes impractical depending on what kind of car you have (if you’re planning to travel with it).

So far, this wagon is a hit.  If you want to take it places and got a big SUV or truck, we’d recommend buying it.  If you don’t, maybe a smaller wagon will do.

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