PlaSmart PlasmaCarAlright, I know the PlaSmart PlasmaCar is not a wagon per se.  However, I felt compelled to review it because of the huge amount of attention it’s getting.  The PlasmaCar is a self-driven ride-on toy without any pedals, gears, batteries, or motors.  All you have to do is turn the steering wheel left and right to get yourself moving, which doesn’t take long.  I’ve seen kids put some real effort it to get to a decent speed!  However, it’s not dangerously fast. They can either stop turning the steering wheel or just placed their feet on the ground to stop or slow down.

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Side note:  Its operation sort of reminds me of tea cup rides and those modern 2 wheeled skate boards that you have to wiggle back and forth to get moving!

It’s made out of a super durable ABS plastic that can support up to 220 pounds.  It also comes in quite a few different colors; blue, red, pink, yellow, & purple.

This toy is probably a better idea for kids who have better coordination and are older than 3 years old.

Here are the features of the PlaSmart PlasmaCar

  • Highly durable ABS plastic
  • Simple and manual operation
  • Doesn’t have any pedals or gears
  • Max weight of 220 lbs

The Benefits

  • Holds your child’s attention for hours
  • Enhances their motor and coordination skills
  • Can be relatively quiet
  • Will probably be a top toy of theirs for a handful of years
PlaSmart PlasmaCarPlaSmart PlasmaCar

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What parents are saying about the PlaSmart PlasmaCar

At this current time, there are 568 different reviews on with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars.  Most people don’t review their purchases, so that tells you how many people are buying this thing.

A lot of parents are calling it the best investment in a toy they’ve ever made.  Most of their kids absolutely fall in love with it and it’s fun for parents to watch.  Even some of the parents have tested it out themselves and think it’s fun.  If you have two kids and only buy one, they may argue over it.

There are mixed reviews about how easy it is to put together.  It’s not extremely hard to assemble, just a little more involved.  You’ll definitely need a hammer and a screwdriver, but that’s about it. There seem to be some smaller parts, so there is a choking hazard issued on it.  However, there shouldn’t be any concerns with smaller parts after it’s all put together .

A lot of parents have their kids use on their driveway, patio’s, or inside the house with a smoother floor.  The smoother your floor, the better it operates.  It probably won’t be as affective on asphalt or roadways where the ground is a little more pebbly.  You probably shouldn’t have your kid out on the road anyway.

We absolutely recommend the PlaSmart PlasmaCar if you have a child over 3 years of age and want to give them something to get their energy out on.  Many parents and kids are loving it.


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