On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With HandleThe On the Edge Folding Wagon promises to make trips and travel fun for the kids and easy for the parents.  What’s nice about this wagon is that it folds very easily and you can throw it in the car to take with you without taking up too much space.  However, many people also use it as a utility wagon.  So, it could hold many other things other than your child and their toys.

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Here’s a quick clip on the tv show, Extra, showing how easily you can fold it:

What is it made of? If you are looking for a good folding wagon, here are some important specifications that you might want to know:

Features of the On The Edge Folding Wagon

  • Made from material that resists dirt.  This folding wagon is a sturdy one made to last a long time.
  • For something that weighs just about 25 pounds, it’s really surprising how it could carry almost five times its own weight with a 120 pound weight capacity.
  • It’s not terribly small with dimensions of just around 19in x17in and a height of just about 3in.
  • Fold it up and you get something less than 10% of its measurement when it’s unfolded. Storing it would be real easy because of the small space that it would take.

So, how does the On the Edge Folding Wagon rank as a product? Amazon ranks it the 3rd best utility wagon they have and has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating.  Out of more than a hundred reviews, the majority of them were a five star rating, with the rest having vote counts not more than 15. Reviews, both positive and negative, were present.

On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With HandleOn the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle

See current discounted price at Amazon.com with free shipping

User Reviews of the On The Edge Folding Wagon

Positive points from customer reviews:

  • People really like that it’s foldable and don’t have to use a bulky plastic or steel wagon in case they want to take it somewhere. Also, even though the bottom isn’t padded, it’s still pretty comfortable for kids to sit in.  You can also use it for other things you need to get done.  One lady used it to help haul her gardening supplies while she was working on her garden.
  • It wasn’t directly marketed and advertised as a wagon that could be used for carrying kids, but the weight that it could hold made it pretty much clear that it could be used for such purpose. It has a pretty strong bottom so there aren’t real problems when it comes to discomforting children or the material stretching. The handle is quite long and is firm and nice to hold.

Negative points from customer reviews:

  • The front wheels were not as sturdy as some customers had wished. Having two children in the wagon didn’t work out for On the Edge Folding Wagon. However, the customer representatives from the company were great and the service was excellent to help replace parts that were needed.
  • The handle was quite nice but has broken off for a few customers.  It’s a decent handle for most but it could use some more sturdiness.

If you are looking for a nice wagon, On the Edge Folding Wagon is a fairly good choice. It hasn’t been rated a 4.2/5 for no reason and all the positive reviews outweigh the negative reviews.

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