John Deere - 36in Steel Wagon With Wooden Stake SidesJohn Deere is primarily known all over the world for creating large scale machines and equipment.  However, they are also known from time to time to create things like the John Deere Steel Wagon.  Kids love it because they “feel like a big kid” when they’re using a John Deere product.  For those who are wondering about whether this wagon is a worthy buy for your kids, we’ll cover that in this article so you’re better informed.

Where To Buy?

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Features of the John Deere 36″ Steel Wagon

  • It has rubber tires which work really well across multiple types of terrain.  The wheels are wide which add to its stability and sturdiness.
  • For its weight of about 38 pounds, the John Deere Steel Wagon could easily carry a child double its weight.
  • The side walls are high which will provide good safety for kids in the wagon.  They are made of wood with rounded corners and edges for kids’ safety and comfort.

John Deere - 36in Steel Wagon With Wooden Stake Sides

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User Reviews of the John Deere 36″ Steel Wagon

One of the best things about the John Deere Steel Wagon is the fact that it could carry many other things than just children.  One user used it to haul his puppies around.  Another was using it to haul garden material and waste when it wasn’t being used for the kids. It’s fun for the children to play with and it’s very functional.  It could be used to carry gardening tools, groceries, and whatever else to make your life easier.

A lot of the reviews mentioned that their kids really enjoy the John Deere look of it and get excited when it’s time to use it because it makes them feel grown up.  It’s also easy to put together and people are finding that this wagon can stick around for a few years as their kids age.

There seem to be mixed complaints about whether the wagon is sturdy or not.  Very few complain about the metal bending or flexing easily.  While many more comments say that it’s super sturdy and durable and has lasted them for years.  Some say they think that it was made in China so the quality is off.  Some say they can see it was made in the USA so it’s a quality product.  Not sure what to make of this.  However, what is a fact is that more people are commenting about how durable it is than those who are saying it isn’t durable.


The price tag for the John Deere Steel Wagon is more than $100.   It’s rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, so you can bet that you’re getting a quality product if you decide to pick one up.  Despite some of the minor flaws that it may have, it’s reviews and rating carry a good reputation.  Of course, you should figure out what you’re wanting out of a wagon, so take that into consideration carefully.  We, however, feel comfortable in recommending this wagon if you’re on the fence.

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