Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue

If you’re like me, you definitely want to get the most use you can out of expensive toys like kids wagons.  With a little imagination, you can figure out some pretty interesting ways to reinvent the wagon so your child could have more fun with it.  Remember, their imaginations are wild and it’s something to take advantage of!  The wagon by itself is enough for my kid to have fun with.  However, I don’t want it to just be a phase that I spent $150 on.  Here are a few good ideas that I have and/or plan on using.

Transform The Wagon Into A Chariot

Find a big enough box that can fit around your child and cut off just one of the sides.  Place it on your wagon to make sure it fits right and figure out a few ways to stabilize it.  For me,  I used a few large painting sticks on the insides to keep it from folding or falling over.  Then, sit down with your kids and design the outsides of it!  Let he/she do a lot of the creating.  Hopefully it won’t turn into a scrambled blog of crayons and markers, but hey, whatever floats their boat!  Strap it onto the wagon and give them some shoe laces for the reigns.  When you pull them around the house or outside, their imaginations will fly.  Please don’t strap your dog to the wagon in order to mimic a horse.  If you have a couple children, you could use a PlaSmart PlasmaCar to pull the chariot along!

Give Them Some Gardening Duties!

If you own a home, I’m sure you got some gardening to do.  A wagon can really come in handy with some of the work.  So, my son likes to feel useful and I let him have a few duties.  Usually it’s just pulling some pots, dirt, or raked leaves to where I need them do be.  Afterwards, we spend some time cleaning up the wagon.  This helps me reinforce to him that he should keep his toys and belongings clean.

Find A Small Hill To Ride Down

Now, this could be dangerous, so be careful with this.  We have a small hill in or neighborhood that we have experimented with using our Radio Flyer Pathfinder and it’s worked well.  For those of you who go sleighing in the winter, you might be familiar with a few hills you could use.

Have Them Pull Your Weight

When all else fails, give them an interesting competition to see how far they can pull you.  Kids are competitive and love to show off how strong they can be.  You can turned this into a timed race if you’d like.

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