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Our Choice Of The Step2 Wagon

Give your kids an outdoor travel boost with the Step2 Wagon for Two Plus! Massive seating space, easy pulling, and durable structure awaits the owners of this finely crafted wagon built for kids. Parents will also love this Step2 wagon for its long-lasting exterior, simple design, and convenient storage features that are sure to make travel easier.

Here are a few others models that we happily recommend:

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue

Step2 Canopy Wagon

Step2 Canopy Wagon

Step2 Neighborhood Wagon

Step2 Neighborhood Wagon

Here’s another video review for the Step2 Wagon for Two:

The Step2 Wagon for Two Plus comes in blue and green. The wheels are made of plastic, with ridges that allow for easier movement on all kinds of terrain.  Unlike the conventional wagon, this Step2 wagon offers a more secure seating experience, with raised sides and a door that allows for easy entrance and exit.

However, its most prominent feature lies in its interior.  It has enough space that allows for dual seating. Siblings will enjoy riding the wagon without having to bicker over space issues. Parents will love the wagon’s capability to anticipate kid’s outdoor needs. Aside from the roomy inside that eliminates seating problems, the wagon also has a storage compartment under the seat that’s perfect for drinks, food, toys, and other important items. This allows parents to keep their hands free from other luggage and focus their energy on pulling the wagon around.

Features of the Step2 Wagon

  • Highly spacious seats for two children
  • Seat belts for maximum safety
  • Raised thick plastic sides that eliminate fear of kids falling off
  • Storage compartments under the seat
  • Wide black handle reduces the risk of it breaking easily
  • Tracked wheels offer better surface coverage
  • Convenient door for better entrance and exit

User Reviews on the Step2 Wagon

The wagon’s safety features and convenient riding experience have made quite an impact on reviewers. One of the reviewers said that the wagon was perfect for their child who had recently outgrown strollers. Another said that the handle’s easy-fold feature made it easy for them to keep the wagon under storage. Some of the users also liked the wheels of the wagon, saying that it contributed to making it roll easier. Another user said that the door of the wagon was a nice touch that reduced the risk of accidents.

However, most of the online reviewers cited the seats as the most popular feature of the wagon. Different customers have offered praise on both the seating space and the additional accessories included. One customer said that the dual-seating function allowed a friend or grandchild to ride at the same time, while another said that they liked the drink holders molded into the seat.

The most well-liked feature of the wagon is its storage compartment, which many reviewers have said is a perfect place to keep containers and other items. One of the reviewers said that their kids absolutely loved the drink holders, while another reviewer said that the seat belts were a great relief for parents. The Step2 Wagon makes exploration fun for kids while keeping them safe at the same time!

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Your kids will enjoy playtime outside even more when they take a ride on the Radio Flyer Wagon. This immaculate look for the classic children’s toy is a great gift for toddler-aged cousins, children, and grandchildren. A ‘classic’ look and a sturdy wagon structure make this one of the most adorable wagons available today. You and your preschoolers will enjoy afternoons taking a stroll with this design brought to you by Radio Flyer, award winner of the prestigious Parent’s Choice Award for children’s toys.

Here are some other models of Radio Flyer we happily recommend:

Radio Flyer 32S All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

Radio Flyer 32S All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

Radio Flyer 2700Z Pathfinder Wagon, Red

Radio Flyer 2700Z Pathfinder Wagon, Red

Radio Flyer 12S Classic Walker Wagon

Radio Flyer 12S Classic Walker Wagon

This addition to the Radio Flyer Wagon lineup comes with a natural wooden seating space, with plank-like sides that resemble the children’s wooden crate wagon of olden times. It’s complemented with a bright red frame body, and a steel handlebar at the base for easier pushing. A black front bumper reduces the risk of children falling off due to unintended crashes, while the wheels come with grip tread features that offer better traction and improved movement even for the most muddy or unstable of surfaces.

The Radio Flyer Wagon design follows a streamlined look that’s easy on the eyes and projects a nostalgic appearance. Everything, from the black tires and plain white rims, to the red outer body with white linings and the Radio Flyer logo stenciled in white, presents a view of simple yet fun play that’s perfect for toddlers. The wooden sides are removable, allowing for easier entrance and exit. The Radio Flyer Wagon is also a perfect walker for young children, thanks to its easy-to -push wheels and a handlebar that doubles as a support for those small hands.

Highlights of the Radio Flyer Wagon:

  • Comes in a classic red hue, with white outlines on the outer body
  • Steel handlebar for easier pushing and ergonomic consideration
  • Wooden crate inner body with removable insides
  • Front bumper that reduces risk of accidents
  • Grip tread wheels for better pushing experience

User Reviews for the Radio Flyer Wagon:

Many of the parents who purchased the Radio Flyer Wagon gave glowing reviews. Most of the reviews were focused on the sturdiness of the wagon, as well as its use as a convenient training toy for young children. Many an online reviewer expressed their delight at their children using the Radio Flyer as a combination walker and climbing trainer. One parent said that her daughter felt more secure using the Radio Flyer Classic to walk than with her other plastic-based wagons.

Another reviewer said that their child used the wagon to learn to climb in early years, and to put objects in for transport when she grew older. A number of reviewers expressed similar opinions with regard to the Radio Flyer being used as a trainer. Other parents liked the sturdiness of the wagon, with many saying that the wagon could last for many years. One reviewer loved the wheels due to their rubber material, stating that the tracks were smooth and safe for floors, and made little sound. This little Radio Flyer Wagon is the perfect companion for training toddlers and kids of all ages!

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Features Of A Little Tikes Wagon

If you’re looking for a great Little Tikes wagon for your kids, look no further than the Little Tikes Adventure Wagon! With its durable construction, a sleek and kid-friendly look, and a design that makes it easy to pull around, it’s the ultimate afternoon wagon fun time! Kids will enjoy playing with this bright and appealing wagon, while parents will love the simple setup, as well as its safety features that makes playtime free of accidents! Little Tikes combines utility and entertainment in this great new product, making it a hit for the young and young at heart alike!

Little Tikes Cozy Cruisin Wagon

Little Tikes Cozy Cruisin Wagon

Little Tikes Lil' Wagon

Little Tikes Lil’ Wagon

Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

Here’s a video of the Little Tikes wagons in action:

The Little Tikes Adventure Wagon is one of the safest and most fun to use Little Tikes wagons around. It offers a 33 by 17-inch sitting space for plenty of seating. Kids will have fun using this entertaining wagon, whether they’re enjoying the ride or pulling their friends around. Raised sides with a pull-out option makes it able to prevent children from falling over, while the sleek, stretched structure reduces the risk of the wagon tipping over.

Even the kids (and parents) pulling this cute Little Tikes wagon will find it a comfortable experience, thanks to the Little Tikes Adventure Wagon’s handy features. The 6-inch wheels offer easier movement and better distance for even the smallest of pulls, while the 32-inch black handle prevents little arms from having to overstretch themselves. Plus, children can pull out the tan-colored sides for easier entry and for loading toys, books and other items.

Features of the Little Tikes Wagon:

  • Dimensions: 33″L x 17 1/2″W x 18″H
  • Dark Green Color with no other attachments
  • Tan easy-lift sides for loading and unloading
  • 32-inch handle that’s easy to store
  • 7.5-inch inside depth
  • Minimal assembly time
  • 100 lb. axle capacity

User Reviews on the Little Tikes Wagon

Little Tikes has been one of the most well-trusted brands in children’s toys. The reviews for the Little Tikes wagons have proven that the Little Tikes Adventure Wagon is no exception. Several of the reviews have praised the wagon for its durability and for its ease of use among children. One of the main convergent points in the positive comments is the durable parts of the wagon. One reviewer mentioned that the plastic parts were very resistant to damage, even in heat.

Another reviewer said that the wagon was able to support her two children easily, while another said that the plastic tires proved to be a better alternative to their rubber equivalents. The same customer said that the plastic wheels merely looked light but were actually able to handle rides well. Other reviewers have also mentioned that the pull out sides made entry easier for kids, while another observed that the sides allowed their child to pack toys and other items easier.

Even parents have had their convenient moments with the Little Tikes wagon. One parent said that it made hauling grocery bags more convenient, while another said that the sides allowed their children to use the wagon as a chair. Versatile, long-lasting, and fun to play with – these qualities make the Little Tikes Adventure Wagon a great addition to any child’s toy collection!

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Need A Reliable Collapsible Wagon?

Take your kids on a delightful trip around the neighborhood with the On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle! This fine collapsible wagon is the perfect choice for children who love outdoor exploration and parents looking for a convenient transportation for walks on the park or playground! Its durable structure, spacious interior, and highly adaptable storage capability make this wagon a must-have for various travels with you and your child!

On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle

On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle

EasyGoWagon Red Folding Utility Cart Wagon

EasyGoWagon Red Folding Utility Cart Wagon

On The Edge 900154 Black Folding Wagon

On The Edge 900154 Black Folding Wagon

The On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle is a collapsible wagon made of finely woven material that is as pleasing to the touch as it is durable. It’s capable of carrying 120 pounds worth of weight without any hassle, as well as an assortment of items that your kid might want to tag along during your trips. You and your kids can haul toys, books, and other items with a minimal amount of effort, thanks to the wagon’s wonderful easy-to-steer build

However, one of the main things that the On The Edge Folding Wagon has got going for it is its customizability and storage economy. This wagon is designed to provide maximum comfort and security to both rider and parent. It also comes with a nice canopy which, aside from protecting riders from glaring sunlight and other elements, also provides the feel of driving a car for your kids! Plus, this large and roomy collapsible wagon needs only the smallest of spaces for storage, thanks to its folding capability that transforms it from a travel companion into a handbag-type package.

Features of the On The Edge Collapsible Wagon

  • Reinforced steel bottom for reduced sagging and longevity
  • Long, upright handle for convenient pulling
  • Capable of carrying up to 120 pounds of assorted items
  • Highly compact storage footprint
  • Initial size cut off by over 90%, thanks to the easy folding mechanism
  • Additional pockets for maximum functionality

User Reviews of the On The Edge Collapsible Wagon

On the Edge’s finely crafted wagon has received a fair amount of positive comments from online reviewers. Amazon reviewers have banded together to express their opinions, and the general reception is highly encouraging –  a 4.2 rating from the popular product website is a testament to this collapsible wagon’s capacity to please parents and children.

This aspect is one of the prime positive comments about the On the Edge Folding Wagon. One of the protesters said that its features were very useful and friendly to parents, from its long, easy to reach handle that prevents straining the arms, to its sturdy rubber wheels that can handle any type of terrain. Other customers also offered similar sentiments, with most of the reviewers saying that it was perfect for lugging small items around. The containers for water cups and baskets for additional items were also a positive point for many customers.

On the Edge has made their collapsible wagon available in many of the finest product purchase and delivery services on the Internet today. A quick click can lead you to Amazon, where customers can find various delivery options, from the one-day delivery service to the various gifting selections available today. One customer mentioned that On the Edge’s customer service department was quick to replace faulty products, with a company representative calling him within a few minutes of relaying his complaint.

If you’re looking for the perfect wagon for your outdoor trips, don’t forget to give the On the Edge 900124 Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle a try!

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Wooden Wagon Favorites

There is something about a wooden wagon that naturally attracts people.  They often look and feel authentic.  Kids go crazy over them because it makes them feel older.  We understand this strong natural attraction to them.  So, we wanted to provide you a short list of our favorite wooden wagons and why.

Radio Flyer 32S Wooden WagonRadio Flyer 32S All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

Here is the mac daddy wooden wagon.  It’s got the Radio Flyer red signature, the smooth wooden look, and a nice touch of steel to ensure durability.  What I really enjoy about this wagon is how sturdy it feels.  The inflatable rubber tires really make a difference when you’re taking your children for a walk or carrying some of your personal items around.  It’s a very effortless pull and it has an excellent turning radius.  If you want, you can even remove the side wooden panels.  This one is our favorite.

John Deere Wooden WagonJohn Deere – 36″ Steel Wagon With Wooden Stake Sides

Everything about John Deere screams high quality, heavy-duty, and tough.  This is certainly the case with this wooden wagon.  While it has many of the qualities of the Radio Flyer 32S, the John Deere models makes kids go absolutely crazy!  They are aware of the branding that John Deere has.  They understand that many grown-ups use heavy John Deere products.  So, this wagon makes them feel older, and kids love that.  It’s rust resistant, has inflatable wheels, and all corners are rounded for safety. This is popular buy among many parents.  It also comes in PINK!

Radio Flyer Wooden WagonRadio Flyer #29 All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

So, what if you don’t want any steel or metal at all with your wagon?  Rather, you just want it to be completely wood.  If that’s the case, then this is your wagon right here.  It’s exactly like 32 with no pinch points, easy rolling, removable wooden panels, and a heavy-duty build.  Some parents aren’t going to like that wagons with steel can potentially rust, we get that, so we recommend this full wooden wagon for those of you with those concerns.

Radio Flyer 12S Wooden WagonRadio Flyer 12S Classic Walker Wagon

To me, this is one of the smartest ways to help your child learn how to walk.  Kids are naturally attracted to these types of toys, why not take advantage of it?  As your child stands on their legs and grabs a hold of the bar to push it, the wagon is providing resistance so that the wagon won’t slip from under them.  As they push it, you’ll hear the clicks providing resistance.  There’s also a nice rubber bumper in the front to protect your furniture.  It’s made of a very sturdy natural wood with rubber wheels.  This is the most popular wagon being sold on, and I can understand why.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wagon

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue

If you’re like me, you definitely want to get the most use you can out of expensive toys like kids wagons.  With a little imagination, you can figure out some pretty interesting ways to reinvent the wagon so your child could have more fun with it.  Remember, their imaginations are wild and it’s something to take advantage of!  The wagon by itself is enough for my kid to have fun with.  However, I don’t want it to just be a phase that I spent $150 on.  Here are a few good ideas that I have and/or plan on using.

Transform The Wagon Into A Chariot

Find a big enough box that can fit around your child and cut off just one of the sides.  Place it on your wagon to make sure it fits right and figure out a few ways to stabilize it.  For me,  I used a few large painting sticks on the insides to keep it from folding or falling over.  Then, sit down with your kids and design the outsides of it!  Let he/she do a lot of the creating.  Hopefully it won’t turn into a scrambled blog of crayons and markers, but hey, whatever floats their boat!  Strap it onto the wagon and give them some shoe laces for the reigns.  When you pull them around the house or outside, their imaginations will fly.  Please don’t strap your dog to the wagon in order to mimic a horse.  If you have a couple children, you could use a PlaSmart PlasmaCar to pull the chariot along!

Give Them Some Gardening Duties!

If you own a home, I’m sure you got some gardening to do.  A wagon can really come in handy with some of the work.  So, my son likes to feel useful and I let him have a few duties.  Usually it’s just pulling some pots, dirt, or raked leaves to where I need them do be.  Afterwards, we spend some time cleaning up the wagon.  This helps me reinforce to him that he should keep his toys and belongings clean.

Find A Small Hill To Ride Down

Now, this could be dangerous, so be careful with this.  We have a small hill in or neighborhood that we have experimented with using our Radio Flyer Pathfinder and it’s worked well.  For those of you who go sleighing in the winter, you might be familiar with a few hills you could use.

Have Them Pull Your Weight

When all else fails, give them an interesting competition to see how far they can pull you.  Kids are competitive and love to show off how strong they can be.  You can turned this into a timed race if you’d like.