Who Is The Reviewer?

My name is Cristina Butler and I’m a proud stay at home mommy!  I also am a huge contributor to other websites that feature parenting topics and I make sure to make a presence on Twitter as well.   I decided to make a review site about popular wagons for kids because I know that my kids can’t get enough of them and I know that they get precious coordination and motor skills training by using them.  I also believe that you can get these a lot cheaper than you can in standard brick and mortar stores, so I show you where to get them for a discount!

Where Do You Get Your Information?

Aside from all the parenting communities that I contribute to, I make sure to contact the manufacturers of these wagons so I can run through their user manuals.  I also take to the internet to find real user reviews from parents that have bought these wagons.  I then put it all into a nice easy to read format for you.

How Can I Contact You?

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @WatchKidsGrow

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